RACI Masters E-Learning Program

Businesses and organizations today rely on teams to produce value. Yet too often, “cross-functional” teams are more like “dysfunctional” teams. They frustrate their leaders and the people who work in them. They slow decision-making down instead of helping to speed it up.

RACI Masters is an e-learning program designed to teach RACI to individuals and organizations. With the powerful use of the RACI matrix, you can improve project management, meeting effectiveness, and the work of your cross-functional teams. The e-learning platform allows you to educate your management team, individual departments, or your entire workforce quickly and effectively.

Developed by RACI Solutions, a management consulting company that specializes in using the RACI tool to help create lasting organizational change, the course introduces participants to the RACI matrix and then teaches them how to use it to improve delegation, project management, onboarding new employees, managing meetings, and more!

The RACI Masters program features:

  • Short-form Learning: Two core modules teach you the RACI codes and how to create a RACI matrix. Then you choose which modules you want to take next. HR managers can learn to use RACI to improve onboarding. Team leaders can learn how to improve team member engagement. Project managers can learn about a sophisticated RACI template. You navigate through the course the way you want.
  • Real-world Applications of RACI: Six interactive activities demonstrate how RACI can be used to solve a variety of problems. Activities 1-3 are for corporate users, and Activities 4-6 are specifically tailored to healthcare organizations.
  • RACI Masters Resources and Templates: Fifteen resources and templates will help you and your employees apply each module's content quickly and efficiently. These resources include the Smart RACI Matrix, programmed to automatically generate assignment pages for individual team members. And it tracks deadlines!